Perfect Optimizer 5.2 Review – positives and negatives

Published: 16th December 2009
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Registry cleaners are getting more and more popular these days. There are various products on the market, and numerous people use and review them. In the reviews, normally people remark only the plusses. That isn't something weird, as with so much choice, you purchase exclusively things, which you like. In this review I'm going to tell you about why you would or wouldn't want to buy Perfect Optimizer.

When was the last time you've seen a blue screen of death, some mysterious error messages, have experienced extremely slow PC startup, or any other kind of Windows failure? If your response is "Recently", this review definitely is for you.

Even if this is the 1st time you hear of something like that, you might like to read on. Perfect Optimizer allows you not only to fix existing problems with your system, but also to keep them from occurring again.

How do registry cleaners work?

Windows Registry is a place, where Windows and other applications store information. Once inside Windows registry, the data is accessible to every other application on your system. Ordinarily, software programs remove their stuff from the registry, once it's not needed any more. But this not always happens, and as time passes by, your Windows registry gets filled with lots and lots of unneeded keys.

Your computer can't work even a moment, without having to rely on Windows Registry. It's queried hundreds of thousands times a second. And the more trash Windows Registry bears, the jerkier it works. That's why your computer is running more and more sluggish with time.

Sometimes Windows, or some software on your computer makes a error, while saving information to Windows Registry. This causes blue screens of death and unexpected error messages.

Registry cleaner scans the entries in Windows Registry, finds out, which are scrap, and which are broken, and fixes it all. More sophisticated registry cleaners also can perform registry defragmentation. Registry defragmentation changes the physical structure of the Windows registry file, making access time much faster.

Bad sides

The initial purchase price of Perfect Optimizer is very low for a software of this division. However, for this price you get solely 1 year of updates. After this time passes, you'll have to pay for each new months of updates. The updates are a major part of the user experience, and you almost certainly will want to subscribe to that service, once your 12 months run out. If you choose Perfect Optimizer, it will be cheaper for you in the short run, but in the long run you'll have to pay more.

Positive sides

Perfect Optimizer is applied by a lot of people, and most of the clients subscribe to its update service. This leaves the company with a respectable revenue stream, which is used to better your PC's maintenance. This, in turn, makes the updates very useful.

There are several main tools in this application. Nonetheless, there are some features, which are not as visible, but provide large benefits to Perfect Optimizer's users. For example, there is a RAM defragmentation tool. You know, how during a single session, the longer you use Windows, specially, if you use some software program, for example, firefox with facebook on, the slower it becomes. RAM defragmentation tool can assist you in alleviating that problem.

Perfect Optimizer is fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible. Most companies don't have sufficient resources to research individual specifics of different operating systems. Perfect Optimizer is different.

Perfect Optimizer also offers plenty of support by various means, including phone, email and forums.

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